Silence Experienced More And More Intimately Is How Total Knowledge Grows Maharishi

Silence experienced more and more intimately is how Total Knowledge grows - Maharishi

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Name:Silence experienced more and more intimately is how Total Knowledge grows - Maharishi
Date:25 July 2018
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User:Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Source:Youtube Silence experienced more and more intimately is how Total Knowledge grows - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

1. (Dr. Hagelin:) Thank you very much, Maharishi. The first question has to do with the relationship between the Peace Government, now established by His Majesty Maharaja Nader Raam, and the existing governments of the world: Maharishi announced last week that the structure of the Global Peace Government with its eight ministries will be established on every level of society-global, national, provincial or state, city, family, and individual. I understand that the Peace Government will organize groups of Yogic Flyers for every city. My question is: What will be the working relationship between the eight ministries of the Peace Government on, for example, a city level, with the corresponding departments or ministries of the present government?

2. Maharishi: Fulfillment will be the meeting point of the two ministries-fulfillment of all the activities of every ministry, and fulfillment on the no-activity level. This is the performance of the Peace Government.

3. The whole reality of dynamism is silence at the start and silence at the goal. The performance of the Peace Government, is peace, which is the starting point of the dynamic government and the goal of the dynamic government.

4. Basically, they are one government. Either through activity the source of activity meets with the goal of activity, or the source, course, and goal remains awake in its own silent characteristic quality.

5. In the Vedic vision, the same one syllable "A" is in terms of motivating activity "on" and motivating activity "off." "U" is a syllable that minimizes activity; "I" is a syllable that maximizes activity. "U" and "I" are together in "A," in wholeness, the activity from wholeness to point and the activity from point to wholeness. One direction is collapsing; the other direction is emerging. Both are the two characteristics of one distance: In reality, they are the same.

6. There is no competition. If the Peace Government is in competition with someone, it won't be Peace Government.

7. In reality, it is the silence that is dynamic. When we say unity, all the diversity come along. Dealing with unity means dealing with all diversity. That is why all those who are dealing with diversity, they are invited to begin to deal with unity also. Otherwise, as long as they are missing dealing with unity, they are damaging their own government.

8. When the Peace Government is stronger, the nourishing parental role of the government will be stronger.

9. The code of performance of peace is in the Vedic expression Richo akshare parame vyoman: "Veda is in the transcendental field." Veda is the field of no sound. It's a sound on its own level. That's why, when we want to recite the Veda, we call the child of that tradition, Vedic tradition to do it.

10. It is the peace that governs, because peace is the cumulative character, unifying character.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi started teaching Transcendental Meditation in 1957.

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